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Audio Books

Whether this is your first book or your 100th, whether your first audio book production or you are an experienced publisher – I can offer a full audio book production service to suit you.

Full paper to audio service.​

Is this your first audio book? Feel free to reach out as I work with many first-time authors and am happy to run through the process with you.

I have worked extensively with the most popular online audio book platforms and distributors, ACX, Authors Republic, Find Away Voices, etc., so whatever you plan – I can make it happen!

Want to hear what I can do? Check out my Portfolio.


We understand audiobooks are a big commitment and audio requirements can be confusing. That is why we offer this one simple promise.
We will guarantee our work will pass ACX/Audible quality assurance.
We worry, so you don't have to.


We will ensure that your audiobook meets industry standards and will deliver back to you MP3 files ready to upload. We even make sure the files are named in a consistent and organised way to make you life as easy as possible when it comes time to upload and release your audiobook.
Standard industry specs - MP3 - 192kbps constant bit rate - 44.1khz - -23dB to -18dB RMS - Max peak amplitude -3.1dB - Maximum noise floor -60dB - Mono,
We can of course prepare your files to different specifications if needed.
We are very confident you will love out work, so get in touch and we will be more than happy to do a small sample to show you what we can do!

Slaying the 7 Dragons

Bill Storm

A personal development audiobook with a twist.
Narrated and produced by
Andrew James Roberts


Humanz (series) – 2.0 Darkness

Igor Ljubuncic

Humanz is a fantastic series that I produced for Igor Ljubuncic. They are stories based on a zombie apocolypse… but from an alternate point of view.
I had a great time recording these. If you want to pick up a copy grab it of off Audible.

Dear Dory

Tom Kreffer

A heartwarming tale of a mans journey to first time fatherhood. Explores a wide spectrum of emotions including a good dash of humour and a truck load of profanity! An incredibly raw experience delivered in the way of incredibly honest frankness.

Tommy Goes to War

Chuck Scott

This is a teaser I made to promote the audiobook Tommy Goes To War written by Chuck Scott.
I had a great time voicing all the characters and projects like this that allow my creativity to run free are always a blast.

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